Bridge To Artists


BTA is a professional contemporary dance company that was incorporated as a non-profit in November 2016 to expand its mandate of helping student dancers learn the full spectrum of creating a professional production and professional dancers to enhance their repertoire. Founded by Vlad in 2010, this program has integrated professional and student dancers to produce multi-dimensional storytelling dance pieces. Professional dancers have a chance to enrich their dance training and continue doing what they love – dancing and performing. Emerging young student dancers get a glimpse of the professional dance world by being part of a professional show and working side by side with mature dancers. Now as a non profit organization the mission is to expand performance opportunities for dancers across Canada and internationally.


The Bridge to Artist’s mission is to provide performance opportunities for the emerging young student dancer so that they understand all aspects of creating a production, introducing them to the world of professional dance, and help professional dance artists to grow their career in Canada, building their repertoire of professional work and to bring quality dance to a wider audience.


Promote, foster, develop and advance the art of dance in Canada by helping student and professional dancers to perform storytelling productions, creating an appreciation of dance for Canadians and the world.


Board Of Directors

President - Marsha Josephs

Vice president - Khor Balsara

Treasurer - Polina Cancellara

Secretary - Sula Karabelas

Strategic Planner - Chris Kotsopoulos

Marketing - Jordan Clark

Legal Counsel - Anthony DiLena