Mia DiLena

It has been a very interesting journey to have danced in eight Bridge To Artists productions.  Through BTA I have had the pleasure of transforming into some of my most favorite roles I’ve ever played on stage and it is because of these opportunities that I have developed a love for performing on stage and entertaining audiences. I have shared the stage with many brilliant artists, each with their own unique talent, making each performance meaningful. I can recall crying on stage during a piece entitled Awakenings while playing the wife of my partner Marc Cardarelli and mother to Christina Kotsopoulos. I have laughed uncontrollably while being witch sisters with Jordan Clark and Julia Cratchley. I’ve also acted out more than one dramatic dying scene. Not only have I transformed on stage, so have the many young artists and students of mine. They have taken on this work with so much professionalism, respect, focus, artistry and love for their craft. Both in front of the audience and behind the curtain, there is a sense of community and love among the cast that is admirable and I cherish all of the moments I’ve had with this ever growing team. Vlad’s voice as a choreographer and teacher is unlike any other. He will forever be my biggest mentor. Even after twelve years of working with him, his creativity and perspective continue to surprise and challenge me. His art needs to be shared with the world. BTA is not just a show for dancers, but a performance for anyone with a love for art, storytelling, and most of all drama! 

Ryan Bottriell