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Imperfectly Perfect

"We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see the imperfect person perfectly"
-Sam Keen

Artistic Director: Vlad

Act I: Un/Folding

Choreographer: Linda Garneau

When someone looks at us with a sense of depth, there is no hiding. Our choice is simple: withdraw or courageously be seen, flaws and all. This piece is a collaboration and collective softening of any sense of "trying" to be other than. For a brief moment we let go, knowing we will be caught, and trusting that our unpolished dancing is just

Act II: Synthetic Bliss

Choreographers: Vlad and Billy Larson

A man encourages his wife to be as perfectly faultless and subservient s the robot woman he has created. But what we perceive as flaws is that which makes us human, and mechanical servility will leave us achingly alienated on our journey. Soon the husband yearns for the true essence of the real woman he loves.

Act III: Bare

Choreographer: Vlad

A young couple gaze with longing upon a world of privilege, seemingly beyond their reach. But opportunity arises and the lovers play and pretend until they are exposed. When a beautiful woman attempts seduction, the choice is there to be made: the shallow existence of false glamour: the genuine life of the heart.

Professional Cast: 
Jordan Clark
Cody Szarko
Robert Hutchinson
Victoria Mehaffey
Jade Whitney

Earlier Event: February 16
Later Event: December 20