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Act 1
In 19th Century Paris, a sculptor is consumed by an unobtainable idea of perfection. Supported by his dutiful wife of many years, he works long days and nights in his basement studio, seeking inspiration that is alway beyond his grasp. And then.... He meets a young woman. She has travelled to Paris from a small village, seeking her dreams. On her journey, she has many frightening encounters, and is so grateful when the sculptor invites her into the safety of his home. 
She is fascinated by his work, and when her imagination soars, the sculptures come to life. The artist is enraptured and begs her to be his model. Hesitant at first, she gives in, and then overwhelmed by his possessive nature, the young in again. All too soon, attraction becomes obsession. One night, worried about her husband's absence from her bed, the wife awakes from a dream that seems strangely real. She falls back asleep and her dream turns to nightmares.

Act 2
Shaken, the artist's wife makes her way to the basement studio. She is furious to find her husband with this young woman - his latest 'muse' - and so they argue and fight. The young woman, guilty and scared, runs away.
The artist tries and fails to create more work, but uninspired, he becomes agitated and violent with his other models. When the young woman returns for her belongings, the sculptor captures her and won't let her leave. In chains, she begins to lose her mind. It is the wife who frees the young woman, and the sculptor realizes the horror he has inflicted. The young woman is taken to an asylum where she remains with other victims of madness, still clutching a clay sculpture of a doll.

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Vlad

Assistant Choreographer: Mia DiLena
Guest Choreographer: Clayton Scott

Professional Cast
Mitchell Jackson
Ally Moore
Mia DiLena
Matthew Caruso

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Later Event: January 21
The Maid