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On the Sawdust Trail

An old Circus slang meaning following or joining the travelling circus.

Inspired by Linda Garneau and wanting to portray circus acts choreographically using dance movement. Having the circus as a backdrop to our story, gave me a vast array of genres to play with. From Comedy to Drama and the whimsy that surrounds the circus, I was able to create a multi-layered tale that will appeal to everyone from young to young at heart.

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Vlad
Choreographers: Linda Garneau, Julia Cratchley

Main Cast
Young Boy - Shale Wagman
Story Teller - Michel Issa Rubio
Clown - Marc Cardarelli
Villain - Alisha Lucchese
Equestrian Director - Julia Cratchley
Aerialist - Mia DiLena
Feline Tamer - Clayton Scott
Contortionist - Jordan Clark
Tight rope walker - Nicole Phillipe
Ventriloquist/Clowns Assistant - Victoria Mehaffey
Chinese Acrobat - Jade Whitney

Earlier Event: February 18
Later Event: February 16